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Weather in La Manga

La Manga is on the coast of Costa Calida in the Murcia region and has beautiful weather throughout the year – winter, spring and summer. This pleasant weather and climate make La Manga become a great-year round vacation destination.

Like most Costa Calida has light weather during the winter and heat. La Manga is in the Murcia area which is famous for its fantastic golf course and the beach. Murcia also offers a variety of recreational activities.

The average annual temperature is 20 degrees and boasts more than 320 days of sunlight every year. Weather La Manga can be very hot during the summer months but with a pleasant wind from the Mediterranean make it a comfortable holiday destination during the winter, spring and summer.

La Manga Club is located high on the slopes of Bukit Murcian, so while the hot weather during the day it remains calm at night. Temperature during summer months is usually 25-30 degrees

A study conducted by Halifax in April 2008 revealed that British travelers now spend an average of less than seven hours from their hotels or resorts while on vacation. Research shows that 70 percent of Britons on vacation packages do not want to explore trips a day, because most activities at La Manga Club are weather that depend on a certain level, it is important that the sun shines for you as long as you. Sunday vacation.

Fortunately, the climate at La Manga Club deserves and enjoys more than 2,800 hours – equivalent to more than 300 days – sunlight every year.

The average annual temperature in La Manga is 19.3 degrees Celsius, a moderate climate by all means. Because the weather and climate are very comfortable, don’t โดจิน hesitate to leave thermal winter, scarves and gloves at home when packing for flights to Murcia.

Although November to March is a cooler month, especially after sunset, in those days it is still permitted to dress shorts and t-shirts or the like.

Weather in La Manga – Summer

Summer is very hot with very little rainfall. The average daily temperature is usually 25 to 35 degrees and several days reach 40 degrees. Low moisture and Mediterranean sea breeze provide assistance from heat and conditions and can be quite comfortable. The weather was very cold after 19:30 a.m.

Weather in La Manga – Winter

The Murcia region is very light, especially when compared to northern Europe. The winter period is filled with bright and bright days and with very little rainfall. The sidden month is November. The lightest months are December and January even though the weather is still very pleasant with an average temperature of 10 degrees.

Weather in La Manga – Spring and Autumn

The weather in spring at La Manga saw the weather heated up. The temperature in the area was warm enough to swim and perfect for various exit activities in the area. The fall is very pleasant and the temperature returns to 24 degrees pleasant. Autumn is the right time to visit La Manga and you can enjoy the original experience in this region.

Time reported that according to the Meteorological Institute, there have been 40 percent less rain than usual in Spain since October 1, 2007.

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